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We are pleased to announce a significant victory in a recent case where our legal efforts led to a substantial reduction in bail on behalf of an incarcerated client. The bail, originally set at an exorbitant $1,000,000 insurance company bail bond or a $500,000 cash alternative, we successfully argued a writ of habeas corpus before the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department, resulting in a reduction to a $100,000 insurance company bail bond or $50,000 cash deposit alternative. Our client’s family was preapproved for a $100,000 insurance company bail bond.

Case Background:

Our client was facing charges under Suffolk County Indictment No. 71090/2024. He is charged with a reckless assault. Given the excessive initial bail amount, we filed a writ of habeas corpus at the Appellate Division, seeking either their release on recognizance or a more reasonable bail.

Court Decision:

On May 31, 2024, the court ruled in our favor, setting the bail at:

  • $100,000 in the form of an insurance company bail bond,
  • $100,000 as a partially secured bond with 10% down,
  • or $50,000 as a cash alternative.

Additionally, the court imposed several conditions for our client’s release:

  1. Continued attendance at substance abuse treatment with monthly verification to the District Attorney’s office.
  2. Surrender of all passports to the District Attorney’s office or submission of an affidavit confirming they do not possess a passport and will not apply for one.
  3. An agreement to waive the right to oppose extradition from any foreign jurisdiction if they leave the area.

Our Commitment:

This outcome underscores our dedication to providing rigorous legal representation and ensuring that our clients receive fair treatment under the law. We are committed to advocating for justice and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

For more details on this case or to discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs, please contact us at Arnold A. Arpino & Associates, P.C.