Consultation Policy

While we are happy to consult with you on any legal matter we can competently handle – we do not offer free consultations.  However, our consultation fee is only $50. We charge this nominal consultation fee to avoid the potential customer who “no call, no shows.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm has adapted and invested in the technology to hold consultations or client meetings virtually using Microsoft Teams. 

In 2024 consultation fees are as follows: 

  • $50 for an in-office consultation of up to 1 hour;
  • $50 for a virtual consultation of up to 1 hour.

Below are our rates for our various practice areas that will go into effect on June 1, 2023. We make our rates available publicly to our prospective clients. Part of the client-centered model in providing legal services includes being transparent when it comes to fees. 

Alternative Fee Arrangments

We have more or less gotten rid of hourly fee billing at the law firm. But there are some circumstances where hourly fee billing is required by law, or the type of legal work performed does not make it possible to charge the client anything but an hourly rate.  In 2024, the standard hourly billing rate for David Arpino is $300.00 per hour. The hourly rate for tasks performed by a paralegal or administrative support professional is $95.00 per hour. If you have a case type where we can work out an alternative fee arrangement we will.  The following are the types of arrangements we offer.

Financing Legal Fees

Arnold A. Arpino & Associates P.C. is excited to announce a new way for our clients to pay!

ClientCredit, powered by Affirm, allows you to finance your payment to the firm with no hidden fees, no late charges, and no surprises. To take advantage of ClientCredit, simply look for the “Pay Later” option on our payment page. Selecting this option will open an online application for financing through Affirm. To apply, you’ll enter a few pieces of information and then get a real-time decision. To learn more about ClientCredit, you can read read more below:

Client Credit FAQ

Note: this new payment option is in addition to the options we already offer, and you can use whichever payment method you prefer. Subject to eligibility. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners:

Flat Fees

Flat fees are where clients pay a predetermined legal fee in exchange for a specific legal service. Flat fees permit clients to feel more in control over their purchasing decision and legal spending. Also, this takes away friction in the relationship as the legal fee is predetermined, and there will be no back and forth with the client about the amount of the bill or invoice at the end of the case. Flat fees work great for traffic tickets and criminal defense cases.

Capped Fees

Capped fees use the traditional hourly billing model, and David Arpino’s rate is $300 hour. Capped fees provide clients with an agreed-upon maximum  “cap” for a specific matter. For example, a since David’s hourly rate is  $300 per hour; and in a litigation matter, we could agree that the maximum billed to the client will be $10,000.  Capped fees give clients peace of mind that that they know the maximum exposure they will be facing, and that they will not receive a “surprise” bill at the end of a matter for more money than they were expecting to pay.

Payment Plans

The most common reason clients don’t pay a legal bill is the inability to afford the whole bill at once. Arnold A. Arpino & Associates P.C., offers payment plans on almost every type of legal matter.  Let’s say we agree with a client that we can handle a matter for a flat fee of $5,000. But the client does not have the funds to pay the entire invoice, we will work with the client on an installment payment plan. This is a win-win situation because our firm will not lose out on a potential case or revenue, and the client is able to afford representation on a monthly basis.

Sliding Scale Fees

There is an access to justice gap in this county, and a major issue is affordability when client’s look for an attorney. Sliding Scale Fees are based on your ability to pay, and include factors like cash on hand; family household income; family size. Clients who are seeking legal services on a sliding scale rate will provide the firm an intake form and proof of household income. For example, David Arpino’s hourly rate if $300. But if a client does not have the income or means to pay $300 the hourly rate might be reduced to $100 per hour, a rate based on the client’s ability to pay to access the firm’s legal services.


Subscriptions-based fees are where clients pay a set, recurring monthly fee to access services. These fees are similar to how you would pay your gym membership or media streaming service.  We have seen that clients with criminal cases like this model and have been implementing it more and more in 2023.