We have a comprehensive Creditor’s Rights & Collection practice. Arnold Arpino has been a creditor’s attorney his entire career. We are HIPAA compliant and leverage the use of technology to allow ourselves efficiently handle a high volume retail consumer and commercial collection practice. Whether you are a forwarder or company with hundreds to thousands of claims or a small business with a smaller portfolio of claims we can help you obtain a civil judgment and collect bad debt receivables you have written off as not collectible.

We are proud to highly leverage the use of technology. Do you need to sign documents or affidavits? We offer a secure client portal for that. Do you want to send over claims on a spreadsheet, via email, or through a portal? We can handle it. You can also get real time client updates through our case portal as well. 

Since our firm was founded in the year 2000, we have collected over 75 million dollars on behalf of our creditor clients. Our clients love us, and call us the best in the business.

Recent Collections Results:

2019: $1.3 million collected on behalf of our clients.

2020: $1.9 million collected on behalf or our clients.

2021: $1.8 million collected on behalf of our clients.