David Arpino is a dedicated and accomplished criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of providing exceptional legal representation to clients. I have recently went into private practice after spending years at a public defender’s office. With my extensive experience as a public defender, completion of a criminal defense clinic during law school, and graduation from St. John’s University, David possesses the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to defend individuals facing criminal charges.

As a public defender, I tirelessly fought for justice on behalf of his clients, handling approximately 1,000 cases throughout my career. This invaluable experience has sharpened my ability to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system, enabling me to effectively advocate for my clients’ rights.

My commitment to criminal defense began during my time at law school. As a student at St. John’s University, I demonstrated exceptional dedication by participating in a rigorous criminal defense clinic representing indigent criminal defendants under the guide of the attorney’s at the Queens County Legal Aid Society. This hands-on experience allowed me to work closely with experienced attorneys, honing my legal skills and gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of criminal defense practice.

Since entering the legal profession, I have made it my personal mission to ensure that every individual facing criminal charges receives the vigorous representation they deserve. I approach each case with a deep understanding of the unique circumstances and challenges that arise in criminal defense matters. I take the time to listen to his clients, developing strong attorney-client relationships built on trust, empathy, and open communication.

With a relentless pursuit of justice, David employs a strategic and comprehensive approach to each case. I meticulously investigates the facts, scrutinizes and review evidence, and explores every available legal avenue to build a strong defense strategy. His persuasive courtroom skills and meticulous attention to detail have led to numerous successful outcomes for his clients up to and including dismissal of charges on motion practice and an acquittal after a jury verdict.

My unwavering dedication to criminal defense extends beyond the courtroom. He stays abreast of the latest legal developments, attending seminars, and engaging in ongoing professional development to ensure that his clients receive the highest caliber representation.

If you are facing criminal charges, I am here to provide you with the compassionate and formidable defense you need. Contact me today to schedule a confidential consultation and take the first step towards protecting your rights and securing your future.