As a healthcare provider, you are living in a world that is highly regulated and where the threat of litigation is constant. We understand that this is not what you went to medical school for. We can help you get back on track and doing what you do best, treating patients. Leave the red tape to us. 

We tailor our representation to specific segments of the healthcare industry including:

  • Hospitals & University Medical Centers
  • Physicians
  • Litigation

 We assist healthcare providers throughout the state of New York in the following areas:

  • Direct Patient Collections
  • First Party No-Fault Collections
  • Direct Patient No-Fault Collections

Our firm is a leader in medical debt litigation in Westchester, Long Island and the Northern Hudson Valley. We litigate thousands of patient collection cases per year. Our clients include a broad spectrum of medical providers, from large institutional health systems, to private medical practices, and to dental practices. It does not matter about the size of your medical practice or the volume of medical claims you have with us we are capable of handling and maintaining a high volume litigation practice. Our record retention and software systems are HIPAA compliant and we do not request private medical information unless we have a signed authorization from the patient or a court order.

We also assist medical providers & practices in the following ways:

  • Implementing and creating effective internal collection procedures (such as intake forms and best practices); 
  • Providing guidance in taking legal action against patients and no-fault carriers;
  • Providing guidance on insurance appeals issues 

In addition we have helped healthcare providers navigate regulatory compliance issues and insurance reimbursement issues. We have assisted surgeons with compliance with New York’s recently enacted Surprise Bill law. We have also assisted out-of-network medical providers in recovery of payment when a subscriber of an insurance policy converts insurance proceeds for their own use instead of paying it over to the doctor.