We routinely represent other professionals in the collections of their invoices for services rendered. In the past we have represented engineers, architects, and attorneys

Attorney Fee Collection Litigation

We represent attorneys all over the state of New York in collecting debts that are owed to them. Attorneys present a unique challenge in collecting money owed to them from clients. We are up to the challenge. Attorney fee litigation sometimes invites a counterclaim for legal malpractice. We effectively leverage technology to track the statute of limitations on a potential legal malpractice claim and will only commence your collection litigation action after the expiration of the legal malpractice statute of limitations (unless you tell us to bring your claim sooner). 

We also have experience in guiding attorneys through the mandatory arbitration process under Part 137 of the Rules of the Chief Administrator and confirming arbitration awards.

We have successfully represented matrimonial attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and general practitioners in the collection of their past due legal fees.